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Log Cabin Republicans endorse Bush for Presidentxxxxxxx

The following is a press release from the Log Cabin Republicans:
(Posted 8-5-2000)

A New Republican Party Emerging

(PHILADELPHIA) The nation's largest gay Republican organization, meeting in Philadelphia today (August 4), voted overwhelmingly to endorse George W. Bush for President.

The following is a statement by LCR Chairman Robert Stears:

"In April of this year, Governor Bush began a dialogue with the gay and lesbian community.  He reached out to our organization's leadership, and made it publicly clear that he has a vision of being a President for all Americans - black, white, Latino, men, women, gay and straight.  That his vision of an inclusive Republican Party includes gay and lesbian Republicans.  He told the American people that he is a "better man" for his dialogue with gay Americans.  And the Republican National Convention which concluded yesterday was a clear sign to all of us that a new Republican Party is emerging.

We asked for clear public actions from Governor Bush to demonstrate this vision.  He became the first Republican nominee in history to meet with gay and lesbian Republicans.  In our meetings with his campaign, we asked for clear public signs that our people would be welcomed into his Republican Party and his Administration. Through his work on the platform, the historic speech of openly gay Congressman Jim Kolbe in prime time, the welcoming of openly gay delegates and alternates and running a consistenly inclusive convention, Governor Bush showed that he wants to lead this new Republican Party.  And moving forward, he has made it clear that he will select people for his Administration on the basis of their merits alone, for their abilities and strengths, and not on the basis of their sexual orientation.  Anyone who would question this need only look at Jim Kolbe's speech on Tuesday night, the controversy that surrounded it, and the unwavering support he received from Governor Bush.  Jim Kolbe earned the right to speak, and Governor Bush stood by him.

I am glad to be joined here today by Charles Francis, a longtime friend and supporter of Governor Bush, who organized this week's historic unity luncheon of gay Republicans here in Philadelphia.  As I told Governor Bush when I met with him in July, I look forward to working with Charles in continuing this dialogue, moving forward together with the Bush-Cheney campaign at all levels to advance our new Republican Party, a Party that puts the individual first, that unites people from all walks of life, and ensures a place at the table for gay Americans in a Bush Administration.

I am also pleased to be joined by gay Republican elected officials, such as Mayor Dan Stewart of Plattsburgh, NY; State Representative Steve May of Arizona, and Councilman Bill Schmidt of Peekskill, N.Y.  We are joined by some of our openly gay delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention, and Log Cabin Club presidents who participated in today's vote. We have a responsibility as an organization to build a relationship with the next President of the United States, and join Governor Bush in building a better America.  Together, today, we have taken a step to ensure that this can happen."